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About the artist:

Eric Quigley is a freelance illustrator based out of Farmville, VA.  In 2010 he received a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts from the Virginia Commonwealth University.  Since then he has been honing his skills and working as a freelance artist in the science fiction and fantasy genre.  Most recently his clients have included the Alderac Entertainment Group, DwD Studios, Inkwell Ideas, Rebel Ragdoll Press, and Big Ass Fans. He has also worked with several authors and smaller RPG production companies and products, including James Maliszewski's Dimmermount.   His work can be seen in Exposé 10 as well.

Eric is always looking for new clients and opportunities.  Whether looking to hire, get quotes on work, or just say, "hey" he would love to hear from you.

Recently Eric did a progress piece for Troll in the Corner.  It can be seen here.